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    Sales and installation of solar systems Kramar Solar with its own brand name Kramar Solar is the market implemented and tested in a facility in Slovenia. Our Solar Kramar Solar on the market for 7 years with excellent results for DHW heating as well as in-heating of residential and commercial premises.

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Kramar &Druzbenik d.n.o.     SOLAR SYSTEMS

The main business is sales + installation of the solar systems and any heating appliances throughout the European Union. Your bid for the execution of the works we create within 24 hours free of charge. Work is carried out professionally and with 10 year warranty on the execution of the works. Kramar & A partner who carries out installation works of heating equipment with the longest warranty. We provide complete construction of a new boiler, renew old solar systems heat pumps various combinations of heating, and fulfill your every desire for heating. Install a large heating systems where the savings are significantly higher.

Your demand, we expect our e mail: kd@1forall.co   tel. 0038635772043

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